Essential Tips You NEED to Know When Starting a Business!

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Whether you’re starting a small business or taking on a remote job, working from home can be incredibly fulfilling. Yet since there’s no one else around to give you direction or guidance, you must ensure you have all the skills and knowledge you need to succeed on your own. And it’s up to you to avoid procrastination, ignore distractions, and stay productive all day long—which is easier said than done when you’re working from home! Thankfully, we’ve assembled some great tips and resources to help you out.

Where to Learn Business and Professional Skills

Making a career change? Starting a small business? Make sure you have the skills you need to thrive in your new venture!

  • For a while-you-work learning experience, listen to podcasts that cover key topics for remote workers.
  • Whether you need a degree for your dream remote job or you want to learn how to manage a successful business you’re contemplating starting, consider attending an online university.

Starting a Veteran-Owned Business

Veterans make fantastic entrepreneurs due to their courage, work ethic, and self-discipline. There are plenty of resources out there that can help your business get established.

  • If you’re struggling to come up with a business idea, reflect on your military training. Draw on the skills and values you picked up in the military to develop your idea.
  • The SBA provides all kinds of funding options and training programs for veterans looking to enter the world of business ownership.
  • Another way to secure funding for your business is to seek investment dollars from a venture capital firm that works exclusively with veterans.
  • You can find online guides that fully explain the strict rules you need to follow in order to form an LLC in your state.
  • If you’re interested in purchasing a franchise, take advantage of discounts and incentives offered to veterans.
  • After launching your business, consider offering discounts to veterans and first responders — then apply to be a participating Veteran & First Responder Friendly Business to connect with more customers.

How to Stay Productive at Home

Whether you’re a freelancer or business owner, productivity could become a major problem when you’re working from home. Follow a few simple steps to stay on task.

  • Build a home office where you can hunker down and work without distractions. Bonus points if you get an ergonomic office chair!
  • It can be tempting to work in your pajamas, but nothing could be worse for your productivity! Get out of bed, shower, and get dressed before starting your workday.
  • Keep your phone out of reach. Scanning social media or checking emails all day long will disrupt your workflow.
  • If you have other family members at home, make sure they respect your work hours. And remember to establish boundaries with friends or family who like to call during the day!

Starting a small business or taking on a remote job can be very exciting, but try not to rush into things. Take advantage of the funding options available to you, seek out relevant training to learn the skills you need to succeed, and set up a home-based work environment that will help you stay productive. Planning ahead is the key to enjoying success with your new venture!

Veteran & First Responder Friendly Businesses of Maryland is a program that offers resources and services to benefit veterans and first responders.