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Dec 04
The Bob & Ronna Group Sponsor Program for Veterans, First Responders, and Their Families!

Left to right: Bob Chew (USNA Graduate & Group Leader), Lou Schott (Ret. USMC Colonel), Ronna Corman-Chew (Group Leader), Ed Hall (Ret. USMC Colonel) The Bob & Ronna Group is […]

Nov 12
Resources for First Responders

The Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute The Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI) of the University of Maryland is the state’s training and education system for all-hazard responses. The Institute […]

Nov 12
Resources for Veterans

Please comment below with any webpages or resources we may have missed. Websites Deploy Care Established to offer understanding and support to our service members and their families before, during, […]

Nov 12
Essential Tips You NEED to Know When Starting a Business!

Whether you’re starting a small business or taking on a remote job, working from home can be incredibly fulfilling. Yet since there’s no one else around to give you direction or guidance, you must ensure you have all the skills and knowledge you need to succeed on your own. And it’s up to you to avoid procrastination, ignore distractions, and stay productive all day long—which is easier said than done when you’re working from home! Thankfully, we’ve assembled some great tips and resources to help you out.

Nov 10
Financial Literacy: What Veterans Need to Know

Information acquired from When it comes to preparing for the golden years, veterans and their families have many resources at their fingertips. They include pensions, a civilian income, Social […]

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Terms and Conditions

Any commercial business that provides consumer goods or services in the Maryland area and meets the business criteria is eligible to apply with the Veteran & First Responder Friendly Businesses (VFRFB) Committee for certification as a Veteran & First Responder Friendly Business. Once approved, the business will:

      • Be recognized as a Veteran & First Responder Friendly Establishment
      • Be provided a decal for display on the front door, window, etc.
      • Be listed in the Veteran & First Responder Friendly Businesses Magazine and Website 
      • Be provided a display stand for the Veteran & First Responder Friendly Businesses Magazine

Prior to VFRFB Status

You will receive a brief orientation regarding the program and will need to be signed off by a member of the Veteran & First Responder Friendly Businesses Committee.

Once You’re Designated

The business will remain a VFRFB for a three-year period as long as the establishment continues to meet the Business Criteria. After the initial three-year period recertification is required. The Veteran & First Responder Friendly Businesses certification remains in effect unless the business is found noncompliant at which time the certification may be revoked.


Businesses must meet the following criteria to be listed as a Veteran & First Responder Friendly Business:

    • Provide published, routine discounts on Veteran’s & First Responder’s purchases. All discounts should meaningful, unique to the program, and continuous
    • Must provide a prominent location within your business for the magazine stand
    • Placement of a window sticker at the front entrance of your business (on a glass window or glass door)
        • Logo will be 7″ x 2.5″

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