Why Join?

Take advantage of unique, meaningful, and continuous discounts offered exclusively to members of the Veteran & First Responder Friendly Businesses of Maryland.

  • Once you apply, you will receive a membership card in the mail that will give you access to these discounts!
  • Under the Participating Businesses tab, you will find the list of businesses and their discounts for card members!

Stay up to date on events in the community for local heroes.

  • Calendar of Events for Veterans & First Responders
  • An extensive list of resources & contacts available. Contact us for anything you may need.

Terms and Conditions

Qualifications for First Responders

  • Picture I.D.
  • Current Membership to First Responders* Organization

    * A qualified First Responder is identified as Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, or Emergency Medical Technicians. Must provide qualified ID

Qualifications for First Responder Family Members

  • Spouse, Parent, Sibling, Children (18 years or older) of qualified First Responder*

    * Must provide proof of First Responder Member Discount Card to receive Family Member Card.  

Click here if you are a First Responder

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