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Applications can be mailed to:
Veteran & First Responder Friendly Businesses
3410 Plumtree Drive
Suite #101

Ellicott City, MD 21042

Questions? Give us a Call! (410) 995-2115
or Send us a Message at


By submitting, you agree that the above information is true and submit an image for verification.  DO NOT upload a Military ID or DD214. If you want to use one of these forms of identification, they will need to be verified in person. You also agree to  receive text(s) and email(s) for communication. You do not have to be a resident in Howard County to be eligible. It is an honor to carry this card. All businesses operate independently.

*A qualified Veteran is identified as someone who has a DD214 showing honorable or other than honorable discharge (dishonorable discharge is not accepted), a current membership to a Howard County Veterans Organization (that requires members to be a Veteran), has a Veteran marked Maryland state drivers license, or a form of military ID.

Contact information will only be used by the Veteran & First Responder Friendly Businesses Organization and will not be given or sold to ANY third party. Information will be used to inform members of military/veteran events as well as information from participating Veteran & First Responder Friendly Businesses.