Gloria Johnson, Owner at Sav-A-Lot Movers, LLC

Gloria Johnson is a business minded woman. When she started Sav-A-Lot Movers in 2012, she was able to put those skills, as well as her husband’s expertise in logistics, to good use. After just a short while, Gloria says, “I began to love it.” Even now that the business is growing rapidly, Gloria shares a personal connection with each patron. “I get the opportunity to speak to the customer. I get to know where they're at and where they're trying to go,” she says. That’s what she enjoys most about the work. And the work they do at Sav-A-Lot is somewhat unique. Gloria, a Veteran of the Army herself, has been to many Veteran workshops and rarely sees another moving company. “A lot of times, Veterans don’t have the opportunity that they deserve,” Gloria explains, “They’re giving up a lot for the community; to serve our country. When they're trying to branch out and do something different, it’s hard for vets to get in the door. There’s a lot of red tape.” That’s the main reason Gloria decided to join the program. Gloria wants to give other Veterans the opportunity that she’s had; the opportunity they truly deserve.

-Madeline T. Dixon
Freelance Copywriter, Journalist