Lee Summerlin, Owner at Five Star Painting of Columbia

Lee Summerlin is a good businessman. Together with his long-time business partner, Spiro Macheras, Lee owns multiple establishments across the state. Under Lee’s guiding influence, a single franchise in Ellicott City slowly grew into a veritable portfolio of companies stretching from Baltimore, to DC, and all the way across the Bay Bridge to Annapolis. After just one phone call, it’s clear how Lee got to where he is today. In conversation, he is cheerful, easy going, and affable. At the same time, he speaks straightforwardly, and it’s easy to see what he means. He’s someone you want to talk to. Lee’s main business these days, Five Star Painting, falls under the Dwyer Group, an organization that’s famous for its support of Veterans. “We do a ton of work in the Military community…” Lee says, referring to the type of community support that rebuilds lost homes and provides much needed services. He continues, speaking about the VFBMD now: “It’s respect. And it’s a thank you for what they do.”

-Madeline T. Dixon
Freelance Copywriter, Journalist