Keith Watson, Owner at Dandelion Bakery Bistro

The Dandelion Bistro and Bakery is more like a family than a business, and for good reason. Keith Watson and his two children, Gabby and Andrew, founded the restaurant in 2017 as a sort of family project. Now, Gabby and Andrew serve as The Dandelion’s resident baker and sous-chef, respectively. And the aura of family at The Dandelion extends far beyond this cozy trio. “You treat everybody like family,” Keith says. And in return, they treat Keith and his children like family, too. That’s what it’s like between The Dandelion and its customers, especially the regulars. Lieutenant Colonel Ed Hall and Colonel Lou Schott visit The Dandelion often (Lou always gets the chili), as do Bob and Ronna. Those connections are part of what brought Keith into the program, but they’re not the only reason. “You always want to take care of veterans...” Keith continues, “to make them appreciated.”

-Madeline T. Dixon
Freelance Copywriter, Journalist