Cilantro's with The Colonels

Yampier Santana, Owner at Cilantro's Neighborhood Cantina

In 2006, owner, Yampier Santana, came to the United States from his native country Cuba with the dream of opening his own restaurant. Without delay, for the next 12 years he bounced around different restaurants gaining experience employed in various positions. He soaked in the different methods of cooking, management, and customer service. Eventually, after years of training and hard work, he knew it was time to open his own place. It is then when the perfect opportunity arose in the western Howard County area. After contemplation and talking to the locals it was apparent the town of Glenelg was sparse concerning restaurants and really deserved some Latin flair. So, he decided to take the risk and invest in a property available. Cilantro's Neighborhood Cantina is proud to serve Glenelg and the greater Howard county area fresh, authentic, Latin cuisine cooked from the heart.

Cilantro's Neighborhood Cantina offers 15% off for Military Mondays and 10% off Tuesdays through Sundays with the Veterans Discount Card.