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Dan Gough, Vice President at Bay Capital Mortgage

Dan has been working in mortgage finance for a long time. He joined Bay Capital in the mid 80’s by way of a career change, and he’s been working diligently alongside his brother Tim ever since. Over the years, Dan has developed significant expertise in this complex industry. And one thing that he consistently noticed was a knowledge gap between lenders and borrowers. Now, as Vice President, Dan focuses on educating his customers. People who come in with minimal knowledge of the industry leave Bay Capital with the sound advice of a seasoned expert and the finance product that’s right for them. What does all this have to do with veterans? Well, Bay Capital’s participation in the VFBMD provides veterans with “cost savings on the biggest purchase of their lifetime,” says Dan. He was inspired to join the VFBMD by his late father and proud WWII veteran, John Joseph Gough. Now it’s his mission to offer exceptional service to all the men and women who serve.

-Madeline T. Dixon
Freelance Copywriter, Journalist